10 Powerful Benefits of Student Travel in 2022

1. Enhanced Curriculum

Students who travel have the advantage of seeing their textbook come to life. At EDU Trips we like to refer to this as “stepping out of the classroom and stepping into the world”. By connecting what students are learning in the classroom to real life, students make stronger connections.  

2. Language Immersion

If students are traveling abroad or to a community in the United States where another language besides English is widely spoken, they have the advantage of learning a new language or building upon their existing language knowledge. Practicing with native speakers can improve conversation, listening, and speaking skills.

3. Global Perspective

By exploring a new culture, students begin to gain a deeper understanding how different people lives in countries across the world. Students can observe some of these differences and similarities in language, food, or simply by the way people live their lives.

4. Culinary Expansion

Exploring New York? Try pizza! Exploring Philadelphia? Try a classic cheesesteak! Exploring Italy? Try freshly made pasta! The culinary options are endless whether traveling domestically or internationally. Students can try new flavors and can even take their culinary adventure a step further by taking a cooking class with a local!

5. Patience

With any travel experience, it’s important to practice patience. Whether a student is stuck in traffic on a bus, waiting on the security line to board his flight, or waiting for a friend to finish buying his lunch in the food court, travel teaches students to be flexible and go with the flow.

6. Creativity

By visiting art museums, watching a Broadway show, being in nature, or seeing the city sites, travel can ignite students’ creativity in many ways! A study done by Columbia Business School further stated, “building close connections with a person from another culture can help enhance individuals’ creativity and innovation.”

7. Openness to Trying New Things

Being in a new environment with new opportunities can lead students to try new activities that they may not have the opportunity to try in their daily routines. Seeing historic sites like the Battle of Gettysburg that were once just images in a textbook or experiencing new adventures like hiking in Costa Rica are just a few examples of what students can experience for the first time!

8. Independence

By breaking their “normal routine” and stepping outside of the classroom and their homes, students gain a sense of independence. This independence leads to an increase in confidence which carries into the classroom and beyond.

9. Improved Communication Skills

When students travel, they have countless opportunities to improve their communication skills. Even if traveling in a group, students can speak with their group mates, make new friends, engage with the tour guide, and even interact with locals in something as simple as ordering food or shopping. Having strong communication skills can be carried to college or job interviews or even group projects!

10. Time Management

In following a travel itinerary, students on a group tour can practice time management. By adhering to a timed schedule, students have a responsibility to check the time, make sure they know the group’s meeting point, and how much time they have for each activity.

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